Join the team

We love this town, that's pretty freaking evident. But we are a community company. We want to celebrate all walks of life, all parts of our culture and include everyone that wants to be in on it. If you have an idea for a kick butt shirt, we want to know about it. We are brilliant shirt makers, that's obvious. But even we won't turn down a commercially viable idea that fits our brand. It's simple, send us a design that you would like to see on a shirt and we might buy it! 
Here are the rules:

  • We take designs. Suggestions are great but we need something that is print ready.
  • The file must be submitted in Adobe Illustrator AND in PDF.
  • It can only be a maximum of three colors.
  • Be funny and clever. We aren't grinding axes, we're spreading pride!
  • Once you send it to us, we can showcase it on our website, social media sites, etc. 
  • If we are going to put it on a shirt and sell it, we'll buy it from you. It becomes our property then.
  • We'll only buy designs that we think will sell. 
  • It's gotta be 404 Proud!
  • Send them to